APA Research Paper: APA Format and APA Citations Made Easy

hello everyone this is Dave today we’re going to look at a sample paper so that we can learn more about how to use in-text citations in our paragraphs and we will also learn how to coordinate those in-text citations with a list of references at the end of our paper okay let’s get started this APA template is something that you can save on your computer and use throughout your career because it is a template all that you have to do is fill in the blanks for example and putting in your title simply highlight the title that is there and type in your real title same thing for your name highlight the fake one and put in the real one for your header go up to the gray area where the type is gray double left-click it opens up the header area highlight the fake title and put in your real title double click anywhere in the paper and you’re set to go let’s go to the abstract page the abstract title is not bull faced be sure that there are not the words running head for your header up in the header area just the shortened title in all caps the abstract itself is 75 to 150 words and all an abstract is is a summary of your paper be sure not to use I in your abstract on the first body page you simply repeat that title again and boom there comes your introductory paragraph let’s read it as your 13 year old had a beer lately are you sure if asked most parents would save their 13 year old child I’d never even tried out all typically good transition parents tend to think tank teams drink like mom and dad with a beer or two after work or a glass of wine with dinner but the truth is when teens drink they drink to get drunk thesis the bottom line is that today’s parents are failing to understand the epidemic of teen drinking and it’s serious side effects so there’s your perfect introduction it begins with an open funnel and a strategy to get attention and then gradually funnels down to that thesis statement then comes the next title the title of this next section the sobering facts here comes the topic sentence the use of abuse of alcohol by teens is on the rise as well as the problems associated with this abuse what can you expect to see and the rest of that paragraph the numbers that support the rising use and abuse of alcohol by teens let’s read it teens and young adults physically dependent on alcohol number in the millions according to one source great signal phrase there teen alcoholism is the quote third leading cause of teen deaths in the United States and then there’s the in-text citation tore , mm notice that was a signal phrase and noticed that the quote was followed by an in-text citation let’s continue reading no surprise alcoholism easily available to teens they can get it from brothers sisters friends stores and even their parents here’s a fact 61% would rather have beer but will drink wine and wine coolers that was not a quote but it was still information taken from a source so it has to be in there toward that in-text citation tour 2009 slang which and seasons thoughts parents sometimes believe that if teens are going to drink the parent is better off letting them drink at home without with an adult around to supervise the only problem is the teens believe they could drink other police’s too since the parent allows them to drink at home so that was Susan’s conclusion that was Susan’s idea that she got from all her reading and her research and her thinking and her experience so she didn’t he decide him let’s skip on now to the second section of her her paper called out on a binge and now here’s the topic sentence of the section binge drinking results and most of the same serious health effects described above but also leads to more death more quickly uh so she’s making the difference there now we got to see more death if we kind of see more quickly let’s see if she doesn’t one study found that at some college campuses almost 70% of the students participated in binge drinking Jordan 2002 that information came from one source so what’s God had that citation in it binge drinking can cause alcohol poisoning which and kill you in one of the following ways she lists them and then she cites them so that’s how she continues throughout the paper each section has its own title and each section has its own topic sentence that has been developed in that title any time she uses information from a specific source she provides an in-text citation and then it all those citations refer to the last page in your paper which is the reference page each one of those like that Engle dwarf goes back to Engel door fear on this page also notice the Engel dwarf is cited multiple times not just at the end of the paragraph we can also follow through with Jordan here on the reference page and we can go back and find all the different places where Jordan appears in this paper and that’s how in-text citations are coordinated with reference citations that go on a list at a page at the end of your paper


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